Sustainable Agriculture

affordable agri-inputs in comparison to traditional chemical supplements.

Protecting Environment

protecting environment from the harmful effects of chemical fertilization.

Organic Farming

by supplying organic fertilizers and educating the farmers about it's advantages


years of Research and Development


AGRILOGY BIOSCIENCE PVT LTD (ABPL) is the manufacturer and supplier of 4th generation Organic input fertilizer, Biofertilizers and GREEN pesticides/insecticides (most advanced) both in liquid, Powder and granular forms. With a mandate for ecology – safe, Organic, Residue free products for the agriculture, we offer 100% safe and natural eco-solutions for all types of Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Spices, Lawns, Floriculture, Commercial crops, Forest plantations and all types of environmentally controlled agriculture systems.

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Quality and Excellence

Our core technical team is persistent of aiming for product quality and service excellence.


Our agricultural products are designed for sustaining the ecosystem and soil for the wellbeing of people.

In-House Manufacturing & Research

+17 Years of Experience

+7 Years in various Government Projects

ISO 9001 Certified

Worked in 7 countries

Our Products

Products That We Offer For You


AgriShine™ FERTIZ

Organic NPK (gluconate based)

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NPK Consortia
NPK Consortia

NPK Consortia

NPK Bio-Fertilizer is a bio-fertilizer containing live microbial mixture

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Greenical VAM
Greenical VAM

Greenical VAM

Mycorrhiza spores-based products in Talc, Dextrose, Seaweed and Humic form.

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Razor (Botanical Pesticure)
Razor (Botanical Pesticure)

Razor (Botanical Pesticure)

Residue free and biodegradable botanical extracts based pest repellent.

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Impecto (Botanical Fungicure)
Impecto (Botanical Fungicure)

Impecto (Botanical Fungicure)

Residue free and biodegradable botanical extracts based antifungal product.

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Greenical Decomposer
Greenical Decomposer

Greenical Decomposer

Efficient microbial decomposting consortia

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Other Products

Agright Rhizobium


Agright Azotobacter


Agright Acetobacter


Agright Azospirilium


Agright PSB

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria

Agright KMB

Potassium Mobilizing Biofertilizer (KMB)

Agright ZSB

Zinc Solubilizing bacteria

Agright NPK Consortia

Carrier/Liquid based consortia

Agright PSF

Phosphate Solubilizing fungal Biofertilizers

Greenical Enrich

Organic Manure

Greenical Bio-Enrich

Bio-Enrich Organic Manure

Greenical LFOM

Fermented Liquid Organic Manure

Greenical PROM

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure

Greenical Vermicompost


Greenical Bone Meal

Bone Meal (Raw/Steamed)

Greenical PDR

Potash Derived from Rhodophytes

Greenical City Compost

City Compost

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